Saturdays at N. 27th & N. Proctor Streets, Tacoma WA 98407  |  MAR. 30 – DEC. 21, 2024: 9 AM-2PM  |  JAN. 11, FEB. 8, MAR. 8, 2025: 10AM-1PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t Proctor Farmers’ Market part of the Tacoma Farmers Markets?

We get asked this question a lot.

Proctor and Broadway (downtown) both began in the 1990s. In 2007, Proctor Farmers’ Market joined the Broadway Market in The Federation of Tacoma Farmers Markets to work on promoting farmers’ market culture in Tacoma. The Broadway Farmers’ Market, with help from the Proctor Farmers’ Market, opened the 6th Ave Market in 2008. Proctor, Broadway, and 6th Ave continued to work together on issues that affected all farmers’ markets in the area.

The Broadway Market decided to re-structure itself into a managing body for farmers’ markets in Tacoma and renamed its organization: Tacoma Farmers Markets. The Proctor Farmers’ Market chose to maintain its independence and continues to make an effort to collaborate with all of the other farmers’ markets in our area.

Why is it important that the Proctor Farmers’ Market maintain its independence?

We are a uniquely structured market for our area. We have a majority-farmer board, with the rest of the board made up of dedicated community members. This committed board helps the Proctor Farmers’ Market stay true to its mission to support local farmers, while educating our visitors, and building community.

How does the Proctor Farmers' Market support local farmers?

We support our farmers by keeping our fees as low as possible and supporting our vendors in serving market customers. We are intentionally a farmer and food-focused market, not an artisan/craft market, aligning with our mission to support local farmers.

Child sitting in a wagon and holding a watermelon