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Framable Art Prints now avaible:
Asparagus, Tulip, Corn, & Fish $10. ea | 2 for $18 | 3 for $25. | 4 for $30




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The Market is Hiring!

We are now accepting applications for

-Site Set-Up and Tear-down Positions

-Assistant Market Manager



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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Memorial Day

We remember those who have fallen in service to our country, and mark the unofficial start to summer with picnics and barbeques.  The Proctor Farmers' Market is open Saturday from 9am-2pm for all your weekend fresh and local food needs, and we wish you a safe and happy holiday.



What's Fresh!





the first of these little red beauties

Spooner Farms will be at the Market
this Saturday with Strawberries!

are now at the Market. 

We are hearing that this is the earliest strawberry harvest in memory.  Get these fresh picked  berries,  packed with Vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants and more this Saturday!























Vendor of the Week -  

Cora Coffee Roasters
"Finding Great Coffees To Share With You"
Tara Brown, Cora Coffee

Cora Coffee Roasters is one of the newest vendors to be welcomed to the Proctor Farmers' Market community.  Cora Coffee provides coffee by the cup, and also offers 12oz bags of their signature coffee, "Glowing Lights Blend."   


Owner Tara Brown is responsible for all aspects of the business, from roasting the coffee on a Probat L12 to delivering beans to local businesses (often on bike). She was inspired to start a business by the strong women in her family, and the company is named after her maternal grandmother Cora Ellen Brown.   


The very beginning of the seed of Cora Coffee was planted in 2011, when Tara was living in Guatemala and working with coffee farmers in a specialty coffee nursery. The idea was nourished by spending several years in the specialty coffee industry and drinking hundreds and hundreds of cups of great coffee grown all over the world.  Eventually, Tara bought a small home roaster in order to dig even deeper into what makes a cup of coffee great, which then evolved into her own small business, Cora Coffee Roasters.  


Cora Coffee maintains that the "best part of our job is finding great coffees to share with you" -- and Tara's favorite part about serving coffee at the Proctor Farmers' Market is "getting to know awesome people--and getting distracted by their adorable dogs!"  


To find out more about Cora Coffee, visit  


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Saturday, May 16, 2015


Health & Wellness Event
This Saturday, 9am-2pm

-Third annual, one-day Event-

Eight Tacoma-based specialists in holistic care and fitness

will provide FREE on-site demonstrations and information.



What's Fresh! 

Freshness and Quality are two of the main reasons that shoppers frequent farmers markets,

and we have the very best of both, every week throughout the year,

at the Proctor Farmers Market.

Green Garlic is harvested early,before the cloves mature. Green Garlic is milder, and can be used in place of scallions, and adds delicious flavor to spring and summer dishes.


Coming Soon:

Beets, Snap Peas (a few Snap Peas were sighted last week!)

Now available: 

Asparagus (don't miss out!), Garlic (dried and green) 

Greens: Kale, Chard, Mustard, Spinach, Arugula, Bok Choy

Onions, Potatoes, Carrots, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Dried Peppers, Rhubarb and more

Herbs and Herb Starts

Fruit: Apples & Pears

Veggie Starts, huge selection, healthy and local, ready for planting



Vendor of the Week -  

OlyKraut Gourmet Sauerkraut 
Local. Fermented. Delicious. 
Tanya King, OlyKraut


After a short hiatus, OlyKraut Gourmet Sauerkraut is back every Saturday at the Proctor Farmers' Market, and they have a lot of exciting news to share with customers. In addition to recently getting their Organic certification, new labels, and a new logo, their newest sauerkraut flavor, Smoke & Kale, won a 2015 Good Food Award, and has been upgraded from a seasonal flavor to year round production. 


There is a lot of buzz about fermented foods these days, and OlyKraut has always been on the leading edge.  Fermented foods have been around forever, but with industrial food processing and imports, OlyKraut's relationship with fermentation has changed a lot. Lately, there has been a surge of people talking about the role that fermentation plays in preserving the harvest, and the part that fermented foods play in our diets. More and more people are seeking raw fermented foods for the health benefits associated with probiotics.  


OlyKraut is excited about the work that people are doing to revitalize different traditions around fermenting and the research that is happening about how the helpful bacteria in these foods can affect us, and they continue to work to bring their customers the best fermented foods possible. Most of all, though, OlyKraut believes that the best reason to eat fermented foods, including sauerkraut, is that they are delicious and fun to enjoy!


OlyKraut is looking forward to seeing everyone at the market this season, and sharing in a common love for fresh, local food, fermentation, and their favorite people in the world- farmers!


 Click here for OlyKraut's Kimchi Pancakes Recipe!  

for more info:

 OlyKraut Gourmet Sauerkraut 


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Saturday May 9, 2015


Mother's Day is Sunday,
May 10th!

Shop the Market this Saturday for gifts and more - we can help you make Mom feel special.
We have:

Fresh Flowers | Hanging Plants | Flowering Potted and Landscape Plants | Veggie & Herb Starts |

Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner Makings | Artisan Foods | Wine, Chocolates, Baked Goods
Gift Certificates (in any denomination) | Frameable Art Prints

Framable Art Prints now avaible: Corn, Asparagus, Tulip, & Fish

$10. ea | 2 for $18 | 3 for $25. | 4 for $30


Vendor of the Week -  

Rosecrest Farm  
Handcrafted, Organic Swiss Cheeses
Rosecrest Farm is nestled in Washington's beautiful Chehalis valley, and has been producing award-winning milk for over 25 years. The family farm is owned and operated by Gary and Sharon McCool.
Rosecrest Farm is a certified organic dairy, and over the years Sharon has developed a line of personally hand-crafted Swiss Cheeses, made with the farm's certified organic raw cow's milk.

The process begins on the farm In the early morning hours, when the cows are brought in from the pasture to be milked.  Within minutes, the fresh filtered milk is transferred directly into the cheese vat.  This is where Sharon begins the cheese-making process for the day.  Her hand-crafted cheese is made using old world recipes and techniques -- so Sharon's Swiss Cheese has a hard, nutty flavor, which is both delicious and unique, and unlike other conventionally available swiss cheeses.

Use Rosecrest Farms cheese as appetizers, in sandwiches, in recipes, or just enjoy alone as a snack with a piece of fruit. Sharon is at the Proctor Farmers' Market every Saturday, and has a weekly selection of the following cheeses available to tempt your palate:

Mountain Swiss | Country Herb & Garlic Swiss  

Caraway Swiss | Smokey-Peppercorn & Chives Swiss

Bacon Swiss 

for more info: Rosecrest Farm




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Saturday, May 2, 2015

What's Fresh...

Chard ...first tender pickings of the season now green leaves with  beautiful, varied-color stalks, are a valuable addition to a healthy diet.  Great in soups, stews, pasta dishes, stir-fries.




Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th!

Start planning now for Mother's Day -

the Proctor Farmers' Market can help make Mom feel special.


We have:

fresh flowers

hanging plants

flowering potted and landscape plants

veggie starts (give a garden gift!)

healthy, locally produced, brunch, lunch, or dinner makings

 wine, chocolates, baked goods

Gift Certificates

Framable Market Art Prints





















Vendor of the Week -  
Upper Crust  
Signature Baked Goods, Pizza & Sandwiches  
Loren Robinson, Upper Crust  


Everyone at Upper Crust works all through the night on Friday to bring fresh pastries, baked goods, and ready to eat foods direct to you at the Market every Saturday.  Don't miss the opportunity to stop by this week, and take advantage of Upper Crust's exclusive coupon offer!

Loren will always welcome you with a friendly smile, and since Upper Crust is a family business, there is a good chance you might see his Mom or other relatives and friends, who sometimes help him out in the Booth. 


Wine Tasting Booth

Free Samples & Sales

Sat., May 2, 2015




Ginkgo Forest Winery grows several varieties of grapes, and they make and market a wide array of wines. Ginkgo Forest Winery grapes are carefully nurtured for best land and vineyard practices and fine wine characteristics. They strive for a high quality, good value balance, with pleasing sensory perceptions and good feelings, in hopes that their customers will buy another bottle or case.  Ginkgo Forest Winery is proud to offer this interesting mix at the Proctor Farmers' Market this Saturday.



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Saturday, April 25, 2015

What's Fresh...

Colorful plants and flowers of generous variety are everywhereat the Market right now.

Shop Saturdays from 9am-2pm for Fresh Tender Spring Produce, and diverse

selections of these locally produced foods and hand-crafted products:
fruit  | pasture raised meats | wild caught seafood   
        artisan foods | honey | fresh & dried pasta | eggs 
fresh-cut flowers | baked goods 
 cheeses |  wine, ciders, herbal ales 
ready to eat foods | and so much more



Vendor of the Week-  

Honey Bear Farm 

"Bees have become our passion"

Karen and Ivan Rogers, Honey Bear Farm 

Honey Bear Farm is a small farm located just outside of Olympia. Owned by Karen and Ivan Rogers, they like to say that "bees have become our passion." The Farm is currently registered for about 300 hives (plus or minus -- as you may or may not know bee keepers loose and gain bees yearly).


The Rogers got into the bee business quite by accident about 10 years ago during a birthday party for their grandchild. Looking up, they noticed a swarm of bugs. The surprise was that the "bugs" were a small swarm of late season bees, and they had found a box to live in. Ivan had always wanted bees, but Karen was terrified of them - so he began quietly trading for bee boxes and other equipment

without Karen's knowledge.


Neither Karen nor Ivan thought at the time that they would someday be in the bee business - after all, they planned on just one hive!. Karen's motherly instincts kicked in, however, and soon she too found herself involved - sewing a blanket to keep the "little struggling creatures alive".  They eventually got some expert advice from an older gentleman that had been raising bees for 30 years, and today find themselves full time bee keepers. Karen finally stood in a swarm on the farm and got over her fears as she started to understand their likes and dislikes. "Bees are amazing creatures," Karen says, "they communicate, they have an air conditioning system, they are loyal to their hives, and they have a dance called the waggle or round dance. The angle x between the vertical and the central movement is the same as the angle between the sun and the forage source."


Karen and Ivan say the recipe for honey is the following ingredients: "1 Busy Bee - 2 million flowers - 1 bee hive   Directions:  Take 1 busy bee and travel approximately 55,000 miles to gather nectar.  Return nectar to 1 bee hive , Repeat previous steps 2 million times, MAKES 1 POUND OF LIQUID GOLD."


In addition to being a sought after healthy food, "liquid gold" honey also has a long history of healing properties, and Karen and Ivan like to share their knowledge of bees while selling their honey every Saturday at their Market booth. "Everything bees do benefits mankind," say Ivan and Karen, "just don't kill them, because for every 3 bites of food you take it is because of a bee!" .


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Saturday, April 18, 2015


What's Fresh...

Asparagus, Leeks, Radishes, and Spinach, just picked,

and ready for your favorite spring recipes!


Vendor of the Week -  

Provisions Mushroom Farm   
Cultivating a Healthy Community with Mushrooms.  
Christian Kaelin, Provisions Mushroom Farm 
Owned and operated by the Kaelin family, Provisions Mushroom Farm is nestled in the woods near Capitol State Forest in Olympia, WA.

Christian Kaelin and his family have been growing fresh gourmet mushrooms for their CSA Members, Olympia Food Co-ops, and local restaurants since 2006, and now they are available through the Proctor Farmers' Market, and other area farmers markets. 
"Cultivating a healthy community with mushrooms" is what Provisions believes in as a basis for their successful business, carefully selecting the choicest mushroom species, which they then cultivate on clean, organic substrates. 


Provisions produces all of their mushroom mycelium in house, from Laboratory to Grow Room, use organic and indoor farming practices to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the food purchased from them, and never use chemical herbicides or pesticides in the growing process. 


In addition to a great selection of cultivated mushrooms, Provisions Mushroom Farm also has wild varieties available when the season permits, and DIY Mushroom Kits.


Be sure and stop by and check out the Provisions Mushroom Farm booth.  Christian is very knowledgeable about his mushrooms, and this Saturday, ask about his special discount!



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Saturday, April 11, 2015

What's Fresh...

This Saturday, spring produce will be in ready supply, as vendors come to the Market with an ever-growing choice of farm fresh salad greens, and other
seasonal produce. Try something new!

Produce from Zestful Gardens


Lots of plants and veggie starts, and beautiful spring flowers to brighten your home or yard.


Color Bowl from Cottage Gardens


In addition to locally grown produce, plants and veggie starts, every week the Market offers diverse selections of these fresh foods and products:

fruit | pasture raised meats | wild caught seafood   
        artisan foods | honey | fresh & dried pasta | eggs 
fresh-cut flowers | baked goods 
wine, ciders, herbal ales 
ready to eat foods | and so much more



Vendor of the Week - Calendula Farm

Landscaping, Meats, and Plants

Scott Gruber, Calendula Farm 

Scott Gruber leads and directs all the farm and landscaping operations at Calendula Farm, and he likes to say that "Calendula Farm does many things, and all of them involve creating beautiful, flavorful, and healthful enhancements to life in the South Puget Sound."


Calendula Farm grows animals for food, grow plants for use in landscape projects and for sale to home gardeners, and also create beautiful and functional environments for artful outdoor living. 


Scott Gruber is at the Market, every Saturday, rain or shine, throughout the year, and invites you to stop by his booth, chat, and learn about all that Calendula Farm has to offer -- "We think life is a grand adventure. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. We like to engage all of our senses, as much and as often as possible. We invite you to join in the fun."



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Saturday, April 4, 2015

What's Fresh...

A Happy Opening Day Market Shopper
 (with flowering plants from Sunrise Flower Farm)


Last week's opening day Market was full of customers on shopping sprees

eager to check out everything that's local, current and fresh. Be sure to visit the Market this Saturday and find plant and veggie starts, beautiful fresh-cut flowers for your Easter or Passover celebrations, and Eggs!

Longer days, and warmer weather brings a surplus of delicious, locally farm raised eggs to the Market. With Easter (Sunday, April 5th), and Passover's Second Seder on Saturday night, April 4th, stock up this Saturday for Easter Egg hunts, Roasted Eggs, pickling, breakfasts, brunches and more!



Vendor of the Week - Reciprocity Foods

Christie Qualey, owner, Reciprocity Foods 
Reciprocity Foods has been "blending strong" at the Proctor Farmers' Market for 5 years now, and every week Christie serves made to order smoothies that continue to grow in popularity. Christie maintains that "working the farmers markets, and selling my 'green goodness', allows me to connect to thousands of people from many walks of life," and she has a huge gratitude to all the loyal green drinkers that so consistently enjoy her nutritious blends of raw vegetables and fruits.


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Saturday, March 28, 2015:

Join us for Regular Market Season Opening Day this Saturday!























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